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LCinPP Main Workshop Founders Kay Hoover (left) and Chris Mulford (right)

Kay Hoover (left) and Chris Mulford (right) LCinPP Main Workshop Founders

The main Lactation Consultant in Private Practice (LCinPP) Workshop was begun in 1988 in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) area by our own dearly loved Kay Hoover and Chris Mulford, who were innovative pioneers in both the lactation consultation field and private practice specialty.

Kay Hoover is still an active IBCLC, contributing seminal work to our professional literature, including the Breastfeeding Atlas and ILCA’s Core Curriculum, presenting lectures around the world, publishing research and case histories, and mentoring vast numbers of lactation consultants in countless countries. Many of us do what we do because Kay took time to talk to us, get to know us, encourage us, and help us navigate the certification process.  Kay still attends our workshops and presents lectures some years, and is always a warm and friendly face in our group.

Chris Mulford was a deeply respected and revered founder of our IBCLC certification and speciality. Her keen intelligence and critical thinking helped our burgeoning field find a solid foothold and respect as a healthcare profession. She shared her passionate breastfeeding advocacy with influential lactation organizations, such as WABA, WIC, and ILCA. Chris passed away far too early in 2011, leaving a vast hole in our professional community. We miss her dearly.  Chris’ daughter, Zoe Mulford, carries on her mother’s beautiful spirit through her own beautiful and internationally-acclaimed folk music performances and recordings.

Kay and Chris began LCinPP with the vision of an informal “sharing workshop” where IBCLCs in private practice could talk in depth and at length with their colleagues about topics particular to both the business and clinical challenges of running an independent lactation consultant practice serving primarily outpatient breastfeeding dyads. That’s exactly what it’s become, and so much more. We discuss the issues, concerns, frustrations, loneliness, and challenges — as well as the incredible joys and rewards — of both the business and clinical issues in our practices.

We’ve also developed a culture of nurturing our bodies and souls bruised from the previous year’s often unrelenting physical, intellectual, and emotional demands of private LC practice.  LCinPP has evolved into a retreat-like atmosphere where we give a lot of hugs and shoulder rubs, empathy, and reassurance.  Every year, attendees return to a gathering of new and old friends, knowing that they’ll leave with renewed energy and many new ways to become a better, more successful (on many levels), and more profitable practitioner.

The number of attendees in the first few years averaged about 20 attendees, steadily increasing year after year, reaching around 160 last year in 2017.  Yet somehow it’s still a warm, welcoming, and casual atmosphere like the early days.

Our Staff

Terriann Shell has been our Main Workshop Organizer since 1998, which means this next Workshop in 2018 will be her twentieth anniversary running it! Terriann is a long-time IBCLC and La Leche League Leader, a new RN, mom to many kids, grandkids, and sledding dogs, and lives in the gorgeous wilderness of Alaska.  (Click on her name to learn more about her wonderfulness!)

Kym Smythe helps Terriann with logistics during the Workshop weekend as her busy schedule allows.  Kym is a retired IBCLC and La Leche League Leader, current education director and teacher, puppy-raiser for the Seeing Eye, perpetually up-beat and cheerful, and best hugger in North America.

Diana West operates our Bonus Sessions, Clinical Day, and Marketplace cooperatively with Terriann, but as separate business from the Main Workshop. Clinical Day began in 2013 when Diana and her then-business partner Beth Myler (Mahala Lactation and Perinatal Services, LLC) offered an independently-operated “pre-workshop” on the day before the Main Workshop to meet participants’ need for additional education focused on private practice clinical skills and more CERPs. When Diana left Mahala in 2015, she continued operating Clinical Day on her own, with help from wonderful assistants beginning with Jaye Simpson in 2015, Becki Pembleton in 2016, and Melissa Preitauer since 2017.

Melissa Preitauer is our registrar extraordinaire for all the LCinPP workshops.  She handles any issues or concerns that you may have with any aspect of the LCinPP experience. She’s an IBCLC, La Leche League Leader, mom of two darling kids, and one of the kindest and wisest women you’ll ever meet.

Alex West is our Audio-Visual Technician, Marketplace Manager, Photographer, and Diana West’s oldest son. He’s the friendly face you’ll see quietly setting up audio-visual (AV) equipment, taking payments in the Marketplace, and can often be heard saying happily, “I got ya back!” when Diana, Melissa, and Terriann need his help.

Marissa Honey-Jones manages our Newcomer Committee, helping our first-time attendees become oriented and warmly welcomed into our special workshop experience. She’s an IBCLC in the Phoenix area and an incredibly warm and caring person, and usually the calmest person in any room.

We also have many other volunteers who help make our Workshops run smoothly and improve our attendees’ experiences. If you feel inspired, please consider joining our 2018 volunteer team and we’ll find a good way for you to help out.

We hope to see you at the 2018 LCinPP Workshops!

If you can think of anything else that would be nice to include on this page, please let us know!

Terriann Shell, LCinPP Main Workshop Organizer
Terriann Shell

LCinPP Main Workshop Organizer

Kym Smythe

LCinPP Main Workshop Assistant

Diana West, Bonus Sessions, Clinical Day, and Marketplace Organizer
Diana West
Clinical Day, Bonus Sessions,
Marketplace, and Website Organizer

Melissa Preitauer, Registrar and Website Administrator
Melissa Preitauer

Registrar and Website Administrator

Alex West, AV Technician and Marketplace Manager
Alex West
AV Technician, Photographer,
and Marketplace Manager

Marissa Honey-Jones

Newcomer Committee Organizer

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