Get the Most from the LCinPP Workshops

Consider packing…

• comfortable clothes and shoes (nothing too fancy)
• an extra sweater, jacket, or shawl in case the room gets cold
• a water bottle (handy to keep at your table)
• a travel mug (if you like tea or coffee)
• a pad of paper (or a tablet or laptop) to jot ideas
• business cards (lots!) for networking (keep them really handy!)
• brochures to share
• handouts to share
• chocolate or other goodies to pass around

Plan to arrive early (AND RESTED!!!)

…to network with your colleagues and make new contacts at Manager’s Reception with free snacks and cocktails between 5:30-7:30pm. Arriving early will also give you first dibs on a close room and luggage carts!

If you aren’t flying to the workshop

…post on the Facebook group to car pool with other attendees to share costs and get to know colleagues better. There are lots of people who will be driving up, down, or across the interstates with whom you might be able to “hitch” a ride.

Share a room

…to get to know someone better (again, ask on the Facebook group).

Study the agendas

…so you will be prepared and on time.

Take advantage of the free cooked-to-order hotel breakfast

…for hotel guests. Be sure to eat plenty of breakfast because we won’t have any other food served until lunch.

Wear comfy clothes

…because this is a comfortable and relaxed weekend (pantyhose outlawed!), so feel free to dress comfortably and casually (even if you’re a speaker!). Yes, jeans, leggings, and comfy pants and shoes are encouraged.  Since we can’t always control the room temperature, it can help to dress in layers and bring a sweater or jacket for those cooler times. Pashmina shawls will available the bookstore!

Watch for door prizes

…that we offer to add a bit of fun. If you have a product, service, or even a gift card (of any kind!) to contribute, please contact our registrar. This is a great way to promote your products or book (and regift!). Winners will be posted in the Marketplace during breaks and meals.

Smile at babies

…and feel your oxytocin surge.  Lactation professionals who are also nursing mothers are always welcome to attend with their babies-in-arms. You’ll be surrounded by other lactation professionals, so don’t hesitate to nurse or pump at any time (and no need to cover up unless you want to). We won’t have a designated pumping room, but if you’re staying at the hotel your room will be close at hand for pumping breaks if you need privacy. If you aren’t staying at the hotel, let our Registrar know and she’ll arrange a secluded place for you to pump. Since this is a learning environment, toddlers and children aren’t as easily accommodated, so if they need to accompany you to the workshop, it will be ideal for a caregiver to come along to care for them during sessions. To keep distractions to a minimum, only registered participants (and nursing babies-in-arms) will be allowed in the conference room.

Bring questions

…you would like answered or problems solved by other participants or the speakers. Discuss the subject with your colleagues during the refreshment breaks, at lunch, and in the evening. Feel free to put up a luncheon table tent to discuss a problem you and others may have in common.

Take notes

…during the workshops of all the great ideas and solutions that fly around the room.

Get involved in the sessions

…by asking questions and volunteering information. Your expertise is valuable! Please share it with other conference attendees.

Constantly ask yourself

…how what is being said can be adapted to your needs. Keep an open mind. Information and topics that may not seem to apply to you and your situation may come in handy when you least expect them to.

Attend every session

…but if you get frustrated or tired or even bored, take a short break outside the workshop room in the beautiful facility or browse our Marketplace.  There’s usually someone else hanging around who might be a great person to chat with.

Set a goal to meet at least five new people

…and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others — this is a very friendly group.

Take advantage of each night’s Manager’s Reception

…with free snacks and cocktails between 5:30-7:30pm. Many workshop participants are sure to be there, so you’ll have more chances for networking and hanging out with wonderful like-minded women.

Join a group going out (or ordering in) for dinner

…because it’s a perfect opportunity to meet new people who may be good sources of information and encouragement in the next year.

Don’t stay out too late

…at night so that you have enough energy for the next day.

Change your seat in the room each day

…so you can next to someone you’ve never met before. You’ll get a new perspective and maybe even a networking opportunity.

Be sure to participate in the “Needs Assessment” session

…because it’s your chance to vote on sessions for next year’s workshop. Choose for sessions that will help *you* the most, not ones you think others should hear.

Complete your online evaluation form frankly (but kindly)

…to give us useful ideas and specific suggestions for next year.  We read them carefully and try our best to make adjustments from your input to better meet your needs.

Continue networking

…and sharing ideas after the conference by participating in our closed Facebook group. Contact us if you need help subscribing.

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